Want to keep the spirit of deer camp alive till next year? Enjoy a meal of venison.  Nothing will evoke the memory of that trophy buck or hard-won doe better than eating a succulent steak or sharing a hearty stew with your family or friends. It may be months until we return to deer camp, but bridging that time is a snap any time venison is on the menu. From simple meals to gourmet fare, every bite of venison you enjoy will transport you back to camp like nothing else.

Of course, the nutritional aspects of venison have been well-publicized; wild-deer meat is low in fat and cholesterol, packed with protein, and completely devoid of any additives. In an era when red meat is taboo for many, venison is a meal you can enjoy without guilt. And the big secret? Venison is tasty beyond belief. Preferred by many chefs, it has the rich, robust flavor that only wild game can boast.  

So if you want to get transported back to deer camp, call your buddies together and have a feast. Can’t recall all those great jokes told the night before the opener? Serve up a stew and get the boys laughing again. Need to remember the sights and sounds of that magical opening morning? Grill some steaks and read through that camp journal. These can’t-miss recipes will bring you back to that special place called deer camp—with the friends you shared it with. And if you’re in need of new recipes, the ones below are a great place to start!

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